The World's most beautiful flag!! Even the Chinese haven't got a Dragon on theirs!

My 3 folders bask in the East German sunshine.


It took 18 months to get my hands on my GoBike X9, but it was worth the wait!!!!
My GoBike


Alas, stolen by some unscrupulous arsehole of a taxi driver in Dublin! GGGGRRRRR!!!! :o(
My Rohloff Birdy Special


Fastest,cleanest and one of the lightest folders on the market!

My Stridas


Who needs a car/van? This cycle 'Beer Dray' can carry heavy loads or be use as a passenger carrying Taxi!!!!

My Long-John


Laid back riding!

My Flevobike Oke Ja


Best known folder

My Brompton


You never know which famous person you'll see on one of my wierd machines!

Stars Who Ride My Bikes!


Handy for the Lady in my life!

My Classic B.S.A. Ladies Bike

Very useful on large Festival sites

My Electric Scooter

The BoB Yak is a superb packhorse! I also have a BoB Ibex (with Suspension)
My Trailers

Full suspension Circus Tandem? You're having a laugh!
My Crazy Circus Tandem

Early rivet framed Moulton
My Moulton

Raleigh Chopper's 'Mini Me'!!!!
My Raleigh Budgie


The site for the now defunct Welsh Microcar Club with links to 100s of small car websites

My Microcar Website



My Motorcycle collection

My Motorbikes



With an A-Z of Manufacturers etc.

Folding Bikes I see on my travels


AtoZ of Links to Folding Bikes, Designers, Sellers, Publishers & Accessories



Unusual Bikes I see on my travels


Favourite Links Page



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519 Links To Folding Bike Marques, Classic Folders & Electric Folders

Plus links to Sellers, Forums, Enthusiasts, Publishers, Designers & Accessories.

If you find any links that I have missed or if you find a dead link,

please let me know & I'll try to update things ASAP. Thanks!


Marques :-
Clubs & Societies

U.K. Meetings & Rides

Bristol Dock Ride
Please note that this replaces the Mud Dock Ride, starting from a new location.
Folder enthusiasts usually meet informally on the first Saturday of the month at The Framing Factory on the dockside in Bristol from about 10.30am onwards. The Framing Factory is just beyond the Industrial Museum, and there is a small car park between the two sites. For more information about the Framing Factory, including a location map, please see

Bristol Dock Ride  

Ride report 4th Feb 2006 PDF

Ride report 4th March 2006 PDF

Ride report 6th May 2006 PDF

Origami Rides
These are rides particularly intended for (though not restricted to) the owners of folding and separable cycles, including Moultons (both separable and non-separable). The rides are mostly, though not all, in the West Midlands. The meeting point now varies from month to month, with about one third of them being at the Meriden Tea Rooms (Meriden is classified as the geographic centre of England, and is easily accessible by rail and road). Meetings usually start from 10.30am for an 11.00am start. Distance covered varies, typically from 10 miles to 25 miles, depending on the weather and the preferences of those present, though just occasionally we go a shorter or longer distance. Second Saturday of every month (unless this clashes with Bank Holidays, the Moulton BoA weekend, or other major events). Check out the Origami Pages
contact Mike Hessey (Tel 01384 256173, email [email protected]) before attending an event, as the venue and timing varies.

Satellite View of the Origami Ride Meriden start Point

Click here> Meriden Start to view a satellite view (google maps) of the Origami Phoenix Ride start point at the Meriden Tea Rooms. Click on the Satellite/ Map/ Hybrid boxes (top right corner) to toggle between the map views. PLEASE NOTE: The new bridge over the A45 is not shown on this map. Refer to directions
. The ride list is here

Origami Ride

Ride report 11th March 2006 PDFv

Swindon Smallwheels - monthly ride for Moultons, Bromptons, Birdys, Bike Fridays - or any other type of bike
Third Saturday of each month. Meet 10:00am onwards at Food Hall, Designer Outlet Village (5 minute cycle ride from Swindon Station - exit station foot-tunnel, turn right, and follow the signs) for coffee and a chat, 11:30 for a cycle-path ride and pub lunch. Contact Mike Roberts [email protected]

Swindon Smallwheels

Ride report 21st Jan 2006 PDF

Ride report 18th March 2006 PDF

Hyde Park Folding Society Ride

1st Sunday of the Month, beginning 1st June 2008, for latest details see :-

(Folding) Bike Forums

World Naked Bike Ride

10th June 2006

16 Street (Japan)  
17 Bicycle (Japan) Birdy Freunde
ADAC (Germany) Bromptonauton (Germany)
Addex PDF Chicagoland Folding Bike Society
Aezda (Canada)  
A.S. Bikes Folding Society
AWN (Germany) Moulton Bicycle Club
Aero (Japan) Strida Owners Club (Korea)
Aiolos folding recumbent (Germany) Times Up (USA)
Airframe (UK)  
Airnimal Fe Fi Fo Fora (Forums) :-
Airwalk (Japan)  
Albatross Rex (Korea)  
Alton (Korea) Abike Forum
Amica (Italy)PDF Another Cycling Forum (Folders)
Amiiva (France)  
Appalanchia (Korea)  
Apollo Bike Forums (Folding)
ArmyRecon (USA) Birdy Freunde (in German)
Asahi (Taiwan)  
Asama (Taiwan) Birdy Forum (in English)
Asia Bicycle Trading Co. (Taiwan)  
Astra (France) Brompton Talk (in English)
Astronaut (Germany) Dahon Forum
Atala PDF Downtube Bulletin Board
AutoMini (Austria) PDF Kinetics Bulletin Board
Avalon (Korea) Moulton Forum
Avelo (UK) Strida UK Blog
Avenue (Belgium)  
Be.Bike (Japan) Strida Forum
Beixo (NL) Strida Singapore Forum
B.S.A. Airborne Strida Taiwan Forum
  Strida Korea Forum
B.S.P. (China)  
Backsafer (USA)  
Barcroft Tandem (USA)  
Barracuda (NL) PDF Velovision
Basic Gear Publishers :-
Batavus (NL)  


AtoB Magazine
Bearcat (Japan)  
Beixo (NL)  
Belize (Canada)  
Bernds (DE) Velovision
Betst (USA)  
BH Cycles-Bicicletas BH (Spain) & PDF  
Bianchi (Italy) PDF  
Bianchi (Japan)  
Biciclina (Italy)  
Bickerton (UK) Mark Bickerton or Derek Baker  
Bicycle Specialities (USA)  
Bigfish (Slovenia)  
Bike Friday Books :-
Bikes'R'Us (USA) Bike Cult (David B. Perry)
Biltema (Sweden) The Classic Moulton (Paul Grogan)
Biomega (Denmark)  

Biria Corporation, U.S.A.

The Moulton Bicycle (Tony Hadland)
Black Cat (Korea)  
Black Thunder (Japan) In The Bag (Tony Hadland)
Blanc Marine (France)  
Blast (Taiwan)  
Blitzer (Japan)  
Blue Star Folding Bicycles, U.S.A. Folder Hire :-
BMW Folding Mountain Bikes (Germany)    
Böttcher (Germany) Velorution (UK)
BP (Japan) Bicycle Forest (Canada)
Breeze (Russia)  
Brevetatto (Italy)  
Bridgestone (Japan)  
Bugatti Royale  
buZbike (NL)  
ByMep (Russia)  
Calsonic (Japan)  
Carrybike (Japan)  
Cell (Australia)  
Century (Taiwan)  
Challenger (Russia)  
Champion (China)  
Changebike (Taiwan)      
Changzhou Yuanyang (China) Sellers :- U.U.S. Rides & meetingsK. Monthly meetings
Changzhou Yabo (China)    
Chari-Q (Japan)   April Folds Ride (Chicago)
  50 Cycles (UK)


(Trophy Bikes, Philadelphia )

Charmmy Kitty (Japan) AG Bike (Russia)
Checker Pig (Germany) A.S. Bikes (UK)
Cheng Yi (Taiwan) Avon Valley Cyclery (UK)

FOLDER FIELD TRIP TO NYC May 20 2006 (Trophy Bikes )

Chenglong (China) Bicycle Doctor (UK)
Chuan Shun (China) Bicycle Workshop (UK)

SAT., MAY 20, 2006

Citizen Big foot Bikes (UK)
City Spider Bikefix (UK)

Round*Up USA

9th - 11th June 2006

Cleanspeed (Japan) Biketrax (UK)
Click (Japan) Boating Channel  
Clou (Austria) bFold Bikes (USA)
Cocolo Foo (Japan) Brixton Cycles Co-op (UK)  
Coleman (Japan)  
Columbia (USA) PDF    
Columbus (Germany) C. H. White (UK)
Compactbike (Germany) Cell (Australia)  

Compass (Germany)

China Depot (China)  
Co-Motion C. M. Wasson (USA)  
Concept Cycle Heaven (UK)  
Contoura (Germany) Cyclemotion (UK)  
Coolrider Cyclecare (UK)


Rides & meetings

Cube (concept) (Germany)  
Cumberland (NL)  
Cyber (Russia) & concept PDF Cycle-ops  
CyberImport (China) Cycle Solutions (Africa)  
DM Sport (Korea)    
DMC (Korea)    
Daanli (China) & PDF    
Daewoo PDF ElectricBikeWorld (UK)  
Dahon (USA) Electric Bikes Direct (UK)  
Dark Horse (China) Epic Cycles (Australia)  
Das Mini Multi Rad (Germany)    
Daudbikes (UK)    
Dawes Evans Cycles  
Delilah (now discontinued, Germany) Fat Birds Don't Fly (UK)


Rides & meetings

Delta (Poland) Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Di Blasi (Italy) F2 Motorcycles (UK)
Diamond (France) FM-Cycle Co (Japan)  
Diana (France) Harwood Cycles (UK)  
Didik (foldable 4-wheeled HPV) (USA) G.U.M (Hong Kong)  
Dodge Kemperfietsen (NL)  
DodgeRam (Japan)    
Doppelganger (Japan)    
Dovan (Korea) Kinetics (UK)  
Downtube (USA) Nauticexpo (France) o  
Drew Devereux (USA)    
Duemila (Italy) & PDF    

Dürkopp (Germany)

Dursley Pederson (UK)    
Easy Bike (NL) Norman Fay Cycles (UK)  
Easy Street    
Eerder (Netherlands)    
EFun (Taiwan) Penguin Bikes (UK)  
Elle (Japan)    
Emergen (Japan) The Folding Bike Co (NZ)  
Excelsior (Germany)    
ExtraFoldable (UK) PDF    
Falcon (UK)    
Family (Korea)    
Fatman (Japan) Powabyke (UK)  
Flamingo (Taiwan)    
Fila (Japan)    
Field Champ(Japan)    
Fluida (Italy) Rad ab (Germany)  
Folda PDF    
Folding trike (Japan) RideTHISbike (USA)  
Fongers (NL) Ri  
Fonta (Ireland)    
Fragment (Japan)    
Fuji Simpson Cycles (UK)  
Futaba (Japan)    
GW (Russia)    
Gaerlan ThorUSA  
Galaxe (Denmark)    
Galaxe (NL) PDF    
Galaxe (Germany) Trophy Bikes (USA)  
Gameida (China) Velochocolate (UK) (Downtube in UK)  
Gantil Rivage (Japan) Velo Pliant (France)  
Garelli (Italy) & PDF Velorution (UK)  
Gazelle (Netherlands) & PDF Vouwfietsparadijs (NL)  
Gekko Winstanley Bikes (UK)  
Gepidia (Germany) World Wheels (UK)  
Giant & MR series PDF    
Giant (Japan)    
Gillian (Canada)    
Gitane (France)    
Globe (Japan)    
Globe (NL) PDF    
GNAT folding trike    
GoBike (Belgian Importer)    
GoCycle U.K.    
GoGo Bike, U.S.A.    
Goericke (Germany)    
Gomier (Taiwan)    
Grace Gallant (Taiwan)    
Grazziella (Italy)    
Grazziella tandem (Italy)    
Great (Taiwan)    
Greenspeed folding trike    
Growing Flat (Japan)    
Hao Mei Shei    


Hase (folding trike) (Germany)    
HB (Japan)    
Heaven (Japan)    
Helkama (Finland)    
Hercules (Germany)    
Hi-Seasons (Taiwan)    
Hsieh Chan Bicycle Co Ltd    
Hodaka (Japan)    
Holger-Koch (Germany)    
Huffy Tourist    
iF (Taiwan)    
I.C.E. folding recumbent trikes (UK)    
Iko (Germany)    
Impala (NL) PDF    
Indian (Japan)    
Island Hopper    
Ital Velo (Italy) PDF    
Italwin (Italy)    
IZIP (USA)    
Jacques Anquetil (France)    
Jaguar (Japan)    
JD Bike (Japan)    
Jee-Ann (Taiwan)    
Jeep (Japan)    
Jekku (Sweden)    
Jeunet (France) PDF    
Jips (France)    
Job Cycle (Japan)    
Junic-HPV (Germany)    
JZ88 (Hong Kong)    
Kahenshiki (Japan)    
Kama (Russia)    
Kenhill (Germany)    
Kentex (Taiwan)    
Kent International Transit    
Kiko (Hong Kong)    
Kinn-ovations (USA)    
Koga-Myata (NL) (    
Komplett (Sweden)    
Kuroz (Japan))    
Kuwahara (Japan))    
Kyoso (NL) PDF    
L.Bond (Germany)    
La Cinzia (Italy)    
Lamborgini (Japan))    
Land Rover    

Land Walker (Japan)

Lapierre (France)    
Laserbike (Germany)    
Le Petit Bi (France) Links to info sites  
Legnano (IT)    
Leipzig's Bike (NL)    
Lespo (Korea)    
Lifeguard (Japan)    
Light Step (Japan)    
Limit (NL) The Folding Cyclist (USA)  
Line Up    
Liyang (Taiwan)    
Lordan Prototype (Argentina)    
LucaBike (USA)    
Luna (Korea)    
M-gineering (Netherlands)    
M5 folding recumbent (Netherlands)M5 Christian Zikkerman's Birdy & Long-john (DE)  
M1 Duo (Germany) Alan Herper's site  
Maderna (Austria)    
Magneet ABC (Netherlands) Alex Wetmore's Bike Friday v Swift (USA)  
Marbella (Italy) PDF Bikeworks NYC (USA)  
Marcago (Taiwan) Brompton FAQ  
Mars (Germany) PDF Cheq's Raleigh 20 (USA)  
Marukin (Japan) CJ's KHS (USA)  
Maruishi (Japan) Dutch Folder Test (NL)  
Marvil (Sweden) Eerder (NL)  
Maxxbike Folding Bike Information (USA)  
MBI (Korea) Folding Bike Wikipedia  
MC-1 (Japan) Guy Bouchard (France)  
  Harwood Cycles (UK)  
  John Chiarella's Folding bike Gallery (USA)  
  Klapprads Freunde (Auf Deutsch)  
MCS (Austria) Little Pixel's Raleigh 20 (UK)  
  Tony Hadland's Books (UK)  
Mark (Japan) Tony Hadland's Moulton Museum (UK)  
Mercbike Peter de Leuw Birdy (in English)  
Merdina (NL) PDF Peter de Leuw Birdy (Auf Deutsch)  
Merida (NL) PDF Onohiroki's Folding Page BD1 (Japan)  
Mezzo Oude Fiets (NL)  
  Ride THISbike (USA)  
Miyata (Japan) Sheldon Brown Raleigh 20 etc.(USA)  
Microbike (Sweden) Swedish Foldables  
  Velorution (UK)  
MIFA & Classic MIFA (Germany) V1nce's Raleigh 20 (NL)  
Miffy (Taiwan) Vouwfiets Pagina (NL)  

Ming Cycles (Taiwan)

World of Folding Bikes (Folder Fanatic) (USA)  
Mission Cycles, U.K.    
Miyata (Japan)    
Mobiky (France)    
Mobilly (Japan)    
Montague (USA)    
Monty (Sweden)    
Motebecane (France)    
Moto Confort (France) PDF    
Moulton (UK)    
Muji (Japan)    
Multibike (Spain) PDF    
Multicycle (NL)    
Murayama (Japan)    
Mustang (Russia)    
My Pallas (Japan)    
Myriam (France) PDF    
N.S.U. (NL) PDF    
(La) Nenette (France)    
New Tide (China)    
Next (Korea)    
Next 1 (NL) PDF    
Nicolai (Germany)    
Niko (Italy)    
Ningxing (China)    
Norta (Netherlands) PDF    
Norco (Canada)    
Notice (Taiwan)    
Novus (Russia)    
Nowork (Spain)    
OMStar (China)    
'One' Bike (Concept) (UK)    
One-Second (China)    
Onza Minibike    
Onipax (Taiwan)    
Orbita (Portugal)    
Ori (Taiwan)    
Outdoor (Taiwan)    
Pacific 'CarryMe' (Taiwan)    
Panasonic (Japan)    
Pannonia (Hungary)    
Panther (Russia)    
Panther (Germany)    
Pashley Bikes, U.K.    
Pashley-Moulton TSR, U.K.
PBW (Peregrine Bicycle Works) Accessories  
Peerless Bikes, (China)    
Pegasus (Germany) Amba Marketing (UK)  
Peregrine Bicycle Works, (USA)    
Peugeot PDF    
Peugeot (Taiwan) Bickerton (UK)  
Phillips & Raleigh Folding Bikes, U.K. Bikes & Trailers (UK)  
Phoenix Freemans Cycles (UK) Sturmey Archer bits  
Piko (Japan) Humpert Folding Handlebars (DE)  
Pinnacle U.K. Kinetics (Heinzmann) (UK)  
Pocket (France) Klickfix (in English)  
Porta-Silk, Porta-Cycle (Japan)    
Port-O-Trike (USA)    
Power Kat (Taiwan)    
Pretty Wheel (Taiwan)    
Pro Walker (Taiwan)    
Puch (Austria)    
Puma Bike, U.S.A.    
Pumpkin Club (Japan)    
Q-Bike (Taiwan))    
Qile (China))    
Quix (Germany))    
Rabbit Cycles (Germany))    
Radnabel (Germany))    
Raleigh Twenty (UK)    
Ranger (NL) PDF    
Raychell (Japan) Pedalites  
Rayliight (Canada)    
Reach (Taiwan)    
Record (Germany) PDF    
Redlof (USA)    
Renault (France) PDF    
Rhino (NL)    
Ridgeback Cycles, U.K. S & S Couplings  
Riese & Mueller    
Rietti (Italy)    
Ritchey Break-away (USA)    
Roading (China)    
Rog (Slovenia)    
Romet (Poland)    
Rosella (France) PDF    
Rhythm (China)    
Russian big wheel folder    

Russian small wheel folder


S.C.E. (France)

S.P. Bromptons (UK)    
Salcano (NL)    
Samchuly Bicycle, South Korea Schlumpf (CH)  
San Eagle (China)    
San Remo (Italy) PDF    
Santana Tandem (Germany)    
Santosa (Taiwan)    
Saracen (UK)    
SEC (Taiwan)    
Sears Tote-Cycle (Austria)    
Seatec (Germany)    
Sette (USA)e    
Senan (China)    
Sheng Fa(Taiwan)    
Shima (China)    
Shunde Qile (China)    
Sinclair A-Bike    
Skyway (Japan)    
Skoot (UK) PDF    
Sliding Bike Development (Taiwan)    
Slingshot Schwalbe (UK)  
Smart (Korea)    
Smartcog (Japan)    
Sneaker City (Japan)    
Sora Folding Tandem (Taiwan)    
Sparn Bike (NL) PDF    
Sparta (NL) PDF    
Specialized Bikes, U.S.A.    
Speed One (Taiwan)    
Standard (Germany) PDF    
Stels (Russia)    
Stick Bike (Japan)    
Stow-A-Way Sturmey Archer (NL)  
Strida & Development PDF    
Strida NL (Amsterdam)    
Strida (Korea)    
Strida (USA)    
Strutt (UK)    
Sunworld (Taiwan)    
Superia (Netherlands) PDF    
Super Mini (Japan)    
Superpower (Netherlands) PDF    
Superstar (Germany)    
Sussex (Taiwan)    
Swift Ezyfold (Australia)    
Swivelhead (Ming) PDFSwivelhead    
Swivelhead & PDF    
Sydväst (Finland) t    
Tactic Panache    
Take-Apart Bicycle    
Tango (Urban Solutions NL) PDF    
Tartaruga (Japan)    
Tecco (Taiwan)    
Terra Bikes (Germany)  
Tianjin Flying Pidgeon (Japan)    
TiCycles 'BSA'(India)    
Tidy II (Japan)    
Tiger (Taiwan)    
Titan (Japan)    
TLC (Japan)    
TOBike (Denmark)    
Top Gun(Taiwan)    
Top Sailor (Japan)    
Transit (Japan)    
Transit Superlight (Japan)    
Travis (Japan)    
Trek S  
Trekking Fox (Russia)    
Trendlinks Int. (Hong Kong)    
Trifecta trike (USA)    
Triton (Sweden) PDF    
Trusty Bike Co. (Taiwan)    
Tsan Ching (Hong Kong)    
Tsunoda (Japan)    
Turrence Products (Hong Kong)    
TW-Bents (Taiwan)    
UFB (USA)    
UGO (Japan)    
United Colors of Benetton (Japan)    
Universal Cycles, U.K.    
Uribike Designers  
Urbanista (Sweden)    
Utopia Velo (Germany)    
Valentina (NL) PDF    
Velotraum (Germany)    
Victoria (Germany) PDF    
Vogue16 (Japan)    
Voss TURN-around (Germany)    
Western Flyer (USA)    
Westerheide (Germany)    
Will Bike (Japan)    
Winora (Germany)    
Wisper (UK)    
Worksman BicyclesS Karbon Kinetics  
X-Bike & PDF MAS Design Mark Sander's Lecture PDF  
Xootr& Steve Parry (Special Bromptons)  
Yeah Bikes, Chinananana    
Yuan Fey (Taiwan)    
Zport Inc. (USA)    
Zed Cycles (UK)    
Zenith (China    
Zerobike (Spain)    
Zero Shaftdrive (UK)    
Zhejiang Pujiang Libahuang (China)    
Electric & Assist folders    
Alien Scooters    
Amica (Italy)    
Changzhou Yuanyang (China)    
Flyer (CH) hangzhou Hongdu E-Bicycle (China)    
Greenwit (Canada)    
I.S.D. (France)    
Intelligent (Japan)    
LifeCycle Traveller    
Merku (Russia)    

Navajo (Taiwan)

Qile (China))    
Shenzhen Wonhand (China)    
Shunde Qile (China)    
Tecco (Taiwan)    
Wisper (UK)    
Yiwu Xueming (China)    
Yu I (Taiwan)    
Zero Shaftdrive    
Zhejiang Jintuo (China)    
Zhejiang Pujiang Libahuang (China)    

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