The World's most beautiful flag!! Even the Chinese haven't got a Dragon on theirs!

My 3 folders bask in the East German sunshine.


It took 18 months to get my hands on my GoBike X9, but it was worth the wait!!!!
My GoBike


Alas, stolen by some unscrupulous arsehole of a taxi driver in Dublin! GGGGRRRRR!!!! :o(
My Rohloff Birdy Special


Fastest,cleanest and one of the lightest folders on the market!

My Strida III


Who needs a car/van? This cycle 'Beer Dray' can carry heavy loads or be use as a passenger carrying Taxi!!!!
My Long-John


Laid back riding!

My Flevobike Oke Ja


Best known folder

My Brompton


You never know which famous person you'll see on one of my wierd machines!

Stars Who Ride My Bikes!


Handy for the Lady in my life!

My Classic B.S.A. Ladies Bike

Very useful on large Festival sites

My Electric Scooter

The BoB Yak is a superb packhorse! I also have a BoB Ibex (with Suspension)
My Trailers

Full suspension Circus Tandem? You're having a laugh!
My Crazy Circus Tandem

Early rivet framed Moulton
My Moulton

Raleigh Chopper's 'Mini Me'!!!!
My Raleigh Budgie


The site for the now defunct Welsh Microcar Club with links to 100s of small car websites

My Microcar Website



My Motorcycle collection

My Motorbikes



With an A-Z of Manufacturers etc.

Folding Bikes I see on my travels


AtoZ of Folding Bikes, Designers, Sellers, Publishers & Accessories



Bikes I see on my travels


Favourite Links Page



Fear the mullet !!

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My GoBike


I finally got my hands on on of these beautifully crafted Canadian folders .

I got it from Seppe who runs InGear in Belgium.

He's a nice helpful guy & I can recommend you do business with him! ;o)

There are some good photos (PDF) of the 7 speed GoBike in the Italian cycling magazine 'CICLISMO' which featured this article (in Italian)

If you have a reasonably fast computer and you can't be arsed to scroll through all these photos try this Slideshow


Got the main components now but needs a lot of work to get things right!


A sunny day on Brighton's Promenade
Cool! Or What?

Front mechanical disk will be replaced with Hope hydraulic mini-pot

Release knob for front fork

When folded, this knob locks front fork in place

Release for rear fork
Rear air shock also I've fitted self generating 'Pedalites'
Rear V-brake has been replaced by Hope hydraulic mini disk
Adjustable stem
Front wheel has 16 spokes, this leaves enough space for the deraillieur slot into to allow a more compact fold
The airshock & folding hinge

Nice day to try

out my new toy!

The Beach, The man, the mullet, the tattooed beer gut & the GoBike!

Scary, Huh?

Sion try's it out. Yes you do have to give it back!

With my Strida III

2 attention grabbing


On a Valleys train with GoBike & Bob-Ibex trailer
Bob-QR-nuts fitted to my GoBike allow me to tow Bob trailers
GoBike & Bob-Ibex trailer
GoBike & Bob-Ibex trailer with my Brompton onboard
Pedalite self generating flashing LED pedals give off a cool light signature!
Fellow C.A.M.R.A. member Paul Cottle is chased by UFO while trying my GoBike!!!
Paul's Easystreet folder, then Jane was using my Brompton & at the back my folded GoBike
Go & visit Angel at her very interesting & friendly bar!
Enjoying a not so sunny day @ the Shark Island Bar in Hafenstrasse 0, unter fussgangerbrucke (under ther footbridge) Cologne, Germany
The Shark Island Bar is a great little 'Beach Bar' on the banks of the Rhine
Enjoy a drink & a BarBQ while watching the huge barges fight against the fast flowing Rhine
On the Kennet canal near Reading, England
Real Ale, Real Food, Real Pub & a real bike!!! Perfect!
A Brompton rider stops on the Taff Trail to wonder at my GoBike & BoB Ibex rig
'Moneybags' on his 7 speed DX4 GoBike
Martyn has started checking out the parts to customise our two GoBikes
Oops! Might have tried that corner a bit too quickly on the way back down the Taff Trail! Yes those are rocks & thorns, yes they did hurt!! Luckily I'd imbibed some liquid anaesthetic @ Fagin's Ale house in Taff's Well!!!
And, like the good mate he is, what does CAMRA Paul do? Help me? Nope!!! He reaches for the camera and says "Stay there! Let me get a photo!"
Your new GoBike arrives in a big carton! And out comes a 4-wheeled case........
Your GoBike comes in a very large cardboard box
This case has skateboard type wheels at one end & revolving castor types at the other end, it has a rigid outer frame & semi-rigid sides. There is plenty of room to pack clothes & other stuff around the bike for extra protection during transit.
Unzip the case and WooooHoooo! There she is! ;o)
Here are some comparison photos of the GoBike And Brompton side by side
Ready to ride
Hope these pics help you appreciate the comparative sizes
Fagin's Ale & Chop! House, it's even got my name in the title! Is a great Real Ale & Food pub close to the taff Trail
In front of the Orthordox Church in Vilnius, Lithuania
A Vilnius street
Riding across from the main square
Nice pedestrian / bike area
On the side of the River Neris, in Vilnius, and hot-air balloons take off from the Old town
On the side of the River Taff, in the background is Cardiff's Millenium Rugby Stadium
Met up with another folder while down in Cardiff Bay, he was very interested in the GoBike & how it folded etc. In the background is the old Pier Head Building
On the boardwalk in Cardiff Bay The white yacht in front of the seatpost is my friend's 'Tigress'. In the background 'The Norwegian Church', built by the Norwegian seamen who used the port.
One of the guys from Christiania Cycles tries the GoBike for size. Christiania is a mostly car-less 'Free State' in Copenhagen, Denmark
There is an amazing diversity of bicycles, note the Pederson Tandem in the top of the window.
Bikes are everywhere you look, especially load-carriers.
Even the kids ride around on miniature load-carriers!!!!
Here is a home-engineered over-length Long-John, King of the load-carriers.
Or how about this beautiful Bamboo Bike which was also made in Christiania.

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