The World's most beautiful flag!! Even the Chinese haven't got a Dragon on theirs!

My 3 folders bask in the East German sunshine.


It took 18 months to get my hands on my GoBike X9, but it was worth the wait!!!!
My GoBike


Alas, stolen by some unscrupulous arsehole of a taxi driver in Dublin! GGGGRRRRR!!!! :o(
My Rohloff Birdy Special


Fastest,cleanest and one of the lightest folders on the market!

My Strida III


Who needs a car/van? This cycle 'Beer Dray' can carry heavy loads or be use as a passenger carrying Taxi!!!!
My Long-John


Laid back riding!

My Flevobike Oke Ja


Best known folder

My Brompton


You never know which famous person you'll see on one of my wierd machines!

Stars Who Ride My Bikes!


Handy for the Lady in my life!

My Classic B.S.A. Ladies Bike

Very useful on large Festival sites

My Electric Scooter

The BoB Yak is a superb packhorse! I also have a BoB Ibex (with Suspension)
My Trailers

Full suspension Circus Tandem? You're having a laugh!
My Crazy Circus Tandem

Early rivet framed Moulton
My Moulton

Raleigh Chopper's 'Mini Me'!!!!
My Raleigh Budgie


The site for the now defunct Welsh Microcar Club with links to 100s of small car websites

My Microcar Website



My Motorcycle collection

My Motorbikes



With an A-Z of Manufacturers etc.

Folding Bikes I see on my travels


AtoZ of Folding Bikes, Designers, Sellers, Publishers & Accessories



Bikes I see on my travels


Favourite Links Page



Fear the mullet !!

This site was designed and is maintained by CHOP !


My Long-John transport bicycle

(Also you should check out

a great informative Long-John site by Christian Zickerman from Bielefeld, Germany)manyristian



An amazingly useful machine!
My Danish Long-John
It's great!
Ah hah, that's how it works!
Steering bar runs under the basket from a tab on the fork........

To a tab under the handle bars.

I saw one in Holland which used cables attached to a BMX fork with the 360° brake actuater

Classic comfort
Superb Brookes B33 'Honey Leather' Saddle
Check out the craftsmanship in these springs!
Treble wound springs, beautiful or what!
Honey leather saddle
It's almost too good to put your arse on!
The cable operated bell really suits this bike
Great ring tone from this!
Chinese style double ring bell
Chinese type dingaling bell as well!
Now for the drawbacks! Wales has a lot of hills and the Long-John is heavy, has only one back pedal brake and is single speed (slowish!)
Back pedal brake and no gears!
Add cusions for a handy bike taxi!
One less Van !!!

How to carry your new

GoBike home without a Van

It's amazing what you can carry on a Long-john

It's amazing who you can carry on a Long-john! Actor Rhys Ifans gets a new kind of limo ride !

Moneybags gives Rhys a ride !

Rhys gives Moneybags a

ride !

Heading off into the Pontcanna sunset

Soundman Neil Harris goes for a spin
From left to right, Me, Rhys Ifans & Moneybags in front of Chapter Arts centre, Cardiff
Michael Klem is a Swedish Long-john owner. Check out his well restored example


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