The World's most beautiful flag!! Even the Chinese haven't got a Dragon on theirs!

My 3 folders bask in the East German sunshine.


It took 18 months to get my hands on my GoBike X9, but it was worth the wait!!!!
My GoBike


Alas, stolen by some unscrupulous arsehole of a taxi driver in Dublin! GGGGRRRRR!!!! :o(
My Rohloff Birdy Special


Fastest,cleanest and one of the lightest folders on the market!

My Strida III


Who needs a car/van? This cycle 'Beer Dray' can carry heavy loads or be use as a passenger carrying Taxi!!!!
My Long-John


Laid back riding!

My Flevobike Oke Ja


Best known folder

My Brompton


You never know which famous person you'll see on one of my wierd machines!

Stars Who Ride My Bikes!


Handy for the Lady in my life!

My Classic B.S.A. Ladies Bike

Very useful on large Festival sites

My Electric Scooter

The BoB Yak is a superb packhorse! I also have a BoB Ibex (with Suspension)
My Trailers

Full suspension Circus Tandem? You're having a laugh!
My Crazy Circus Tandem

Early rivet framed Moulton
My Moulton

Raleigh Chopper's 'Mini Me'!!!!
My Raleigh Budgie


The site for the now defunct Welsh Microcar Club with links to 100s of small car websites

My Microcar Website



My Motorcycle collection

My Motorbikes



With an A-Z of Manufacturers etc.

Folding Bikes I see on my travels


AtoZ of Folding Bikes, Designers, Sellers, Publishers & Accessories



Bikes I see on my travels


Favourite Links Page



Fear the mullet !!

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My Strida III

For an interactive folding demo click here!

Strida III Owners Manual in PDF form (requires Acrobat Reader)

I have now sold my Strida II to Sean, one of our other drivers, he is getting quite a lot of use out of it. I bought the new Strida III which has some brilliant new design details, but which, unfortunately, is now made, not in Suffolk, but Taiwan.


My original Strida III suffered from a catalogue failures. Strida UK agreed to replace it with a new one. This one has been trouble free. And has been used in dozens of countries so far.

Oh, Oh, here we go again!

My Strida III was stolen out of a locker on my bus while parked in Belfast !


That's 2 folders stolen there now!

I have replaced it with another

Strida III


And, on top of that, I got knocked off my recumbent in Galway!!! (Mine was the only bike in the whole town with more lights than an Xmas tree & I got knocked off!!!)


Bloody Irish!

Don't panic! I'm not trying to make a Strida / Birdy / Rohloff hybrid!
No, I'm not converting it to Rohloff!
The Strida II was a big improvement on the earlier model
It's clever design and stylish looks have won it many awards.
No oil and no grease!
Toothed rubber belt is very tough rarely needs adjusting and would probably outlast the bike!
Folding pedals help narrow the folde package down.
The Strida II relied on these plastic male & female clips to clip the wheels together.
Frame clip
I fitted a flame saddle that I bought in Christiania Cycles, Cpenhagen, Denmark.
My son takes the Strida II for a spin

My Strida 2 pictured with a Great Bicycle Sculpture in Vasteras (Sweden)

My Stridas have come in very useful for riding around the many countries I visit.
I hope you appreciate these photos! The chap in the glasses attacked me for photographing 'HIM'! He tried to wreck my camera! I told him very 'politely' that I didn't fancy him at all! h

A great little pub with a fabulous selection of beers, well worth seeking out!

'Den Tatoverede Enke'

Gothersgade 8
1123 København h

A great little pub in a pretty courtyard in Copenhagen
The wonderful Rover Real Ale Pub in Goteborg

Superb Real Ale Pub in Goteborg. Swedish & English Ales & World Beers

'The Rover'inh

Andra Långgatan 12
Tel: +46 31-77504
90 h

Jane, the landlady of 'Mannings' in Ipswich town centre with her Brompton (my folded strida is in the background)
Taking my Strida III in my Bob Ibex trailer behind my Oke Ja
My Strida III taking a well-earned break on the beautiful Canal du Midi at Ramonville near Toulouse, France
A beautiful ride along the Canal du Midi
Actor Rhys Ifans took a shine to my Strida III & said he'd like one for use in London
I think that means you can have it back in 1 minute!

The Strida Shop in Amsterdam. The only shop in the World which is devoted to nothing but Stridas opened in January 2005. The owner is seen checking out my modified Strida III.

They even had a Strida which was fitted with TomTom navigation.
My Strida i n the Strida shop after being converted to wire wheels and higher pressure tyres
I came back to pick up my Strida from the nice people at the Amsterdam shop
It looks like a nasty accident, but it my Strida, the old plastic wheels & tyres, a luggage rack and a bag of laundery all crammed into my BoB Ibex behind my GoBike!

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